ORDS Uptake Project

The ORDS Uptake Project is a JISC/HEFCE-funded project to encourage uptake of the Online Research Database Service and to ensure that it can serve the wider community beyond Oxford.

The project will run until July 2013. It is funded under the University Modernisation Fund.

Part of the funding will enable researchers at Oxford use the service for free for a period of time. This should both help researchers overcome any initial reservations about requesting funds from external funders to use the ORDS and also help us better understand where we need to focus our development efforts to maximise its effectiveness. If you'd be interested in using the pre-release version of the ORDS to help develop and manage your research database(s), please drop us a line at ords@it.ox.ac.uk. We'll talk you through what we can and can't offer and check that the ORDS would indeed be appropriate for your project.

The Uptake Project will also work with at least two other universities to understand how we would need to adapt the DaaS software to enable them to use it in their own infrastructure and research context. We have a small amount of funding which we can share with other Higher Education Institutions to achieve this. Hopefully by working with other universities we can both make the DaaS software more flexible but also better understand the costs and benefits of providing the service.

The Project will also look to work with potential commercial providers of the ORDS who can offer it as cloud-hosted 'software as a service' - enabling researchers throughout the sector to benefit. Isis Innovation will be helping us to negotiate this broader service provision. We will promulgate the expertise learned from this roll-out process through a national workshop towards the end of the project as well as presentations and reports.

If your institution or company would like to get involved with the project, again drop us a line at ords@it.ox.ac.uk, and we'll see how we can help.

As the project proceeds, we will be reviewing and revising the business case prepared for the VIDaaS Project to ensure that we can offer a research data management service for researchers that is sustainable over the long term.

Results of the ORDS Uptake Project Early Adopter Workshop.